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My Background

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I have worked in North Carolina since 2019. Before setting up my private practice I interned at a barn on 20 acres working primarily with youngsters (8 years old and up), teens, and families.  At my internship with the Army I worked with individuals and couples to help them find balance and support to deal with their challenging experiences. I also volunteered at an agency that supported women who were unhoused or at risk of being unhoused.  I offered individual counseling to help them process the traumas they have experienced and I lead an empowerment group.

Before becoming a counselor I worked in the service industry and then the corporate world.  I've worked in management, leadership, support roles for attorneys, oil & gas, and construction management for an engineering firm.  This varied background has informed my approach with clients in unique ways.  For example, even before I became a counselor I had a lot of success helping a team with sometimes conflicting interests to communicate successfully to reach their goals, and making sure contracts between parties are clearly understandable and protect everyone involved.


I realized the best part of my day was listening to people, helping them feel better, and seeing a team get along and reach their full potential.  When it became time to make a change in my career, I finally recognized my calling.  Trusting that instinct and becoming a counselor has been the best professional decision I have ever made.  I love what I do!

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