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Flexibility and Collaboration

Evening appointments are available for those that are not able to meet earlier in the day.  Want to meet the same time of day and same day of week each time?  Or do you have a less regular schedule and need to schedule as we go depending on your week?  I can accommodate either scheduling needs.

Research has shown that many clients find the best results from weekly meetings.  Depending on what we are working through, this may be highly recommended.  It can help us keep up momentum for your growth and healing, and help manage between-session intensity when wrestling with painful history.

Alternatively, some people process better with more time in between meeting to reflect on and integrate insights from the session.  Maybe you are seeing positive changes and are moving closer to graduation and living your best life!  Or couples experiencing high intensity in their relationship may need more time between meetings to have some distance from difficult topics.

With our current economy I understand that budget is a very real concern.  Though I do not like to hear clients making difficult choices when it comes to self-care, I do want to be flexible with your needs and adjusting frequency of visits is a way to manage expenses for counseling.

What I mean to say is, let's communicate about what you need and adjust as needed depending on your in-the-moment personal needs.

Reaching Out



$140 per 50 minute session

$210 per 75 minute session, recommended for couples

*inquire about sliding scale if applicable


$100 per 50 minute individual session

$65 per 90 minute group session**

*counseling students currently enrolled in a Masters program may qualify for discounted rates

**groups are 2-4 people and fees are charged regardless

of attendance at a scheduled meeting to keep rates low


Do you take insurance?

No, I do not take insurance or provide superbills to insurance companies.  Unfortunately insurance companies require a diagnosis from a specific list and do not accept relational concerns or other valid reasons for seeking therapy as "approved" diagnoses.  They also may dictate the amount of sessions and even how I work with clients.  I choose instead to prioritize and optimize client care as my clients and I determine will give them best outcomes possible.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Not at this time.  Sessions are virtual for your convenience.  You can meet from any place you have privacy.  If there are more than one of you in session, we can even meet each from separate locations.  This also allows me to see clients from other locations where there may be fewer counselors available.  I see clients in both North Carolina and South Carolina!

Stay tuned.  I do hope to offer in-person sessions in the future!

How do I pay you?

Each client has a credit card stored on file.  Your credit card information is not visible to me.  I can only see the last 4 digits of the card number and the expiration date.  Each week at the end of the week I run all of the invoices at once.  Normally this would be on a Friday, with the exception being weeks like Thanksgiving when I would run invoices Wednesday as the end of that week.

How do we meet?

We meet via a HIPAA-compliant platform.  You get an email each week 24 hours prior and again 10 minutes prior to your appointment with a new link each time we meet.  If you sign in from your phone, you need to download the SimplePractice telehealth app first.  And you're good to go.  Click and you're in!

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