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Counseling Services

Supporting Your Success

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Insight & Inspiration

Get support with your personal concerns.  Learn to hear your own needs and to express them externally.  Process old hurts and traumas, reducing their power to influence your present.  And if you have a loved one who is not yet ready to join you in session, we can still support how you interact in your relationship with just you present.

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Empaths / Highly Sensitive Persons

Find Balance

Learn to survive and even thrive in a world of competing energies.  Make self-care a priority so you can continue to be supportive to yourself and others.  Find balance that allows you to recharge and feel less drained.  Learn to set boundaries with yourself and others to protect your wellbeing while maintaining your giving and generous nature.

Lover's Shadows


Embraces Life's Challenges

Learn to slow down and hear one another and be heard by your partner.  Practice expressing your inner status.  Finally talk about the things you have been avoiding because the topics have been unsuccessful in the past.  Process old hurts that may still come up in the present and sidetrack interactions.  Build a new successful pattern to live a more connected life.

Family Cheering


Get the Most out of Life

Ideally family is a primary source of support.  If the love is there and we are still struggling, let's work together to healthier, more successful inter-relational patterns.  Practice hearing and validating one another.  Every member of the family is valued and important, let's learn to show one another that!  I work with families with everyone living in the same residence and younger family members.  I also love working with adult families where everyone is grown up.

Professional Services

Expanding Your Experience

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Enhance Your Skills

I am an AAMFT-Approved Supervisor.  I am currently accepting new students and provisionally-licensed supervisees.  I love working with people to develop their skills, comfort with their chosen clientele, and enhancing their counselor identity.


Professional Support

Feeling stuck?  Challenged by certain cases?  Let's talk about it.  I provide professional consultation for colleagues who have completed their licensure process and are missing the value of supervision.

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