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Vitality - Because life is meant to be lived, not just survived.

Moving You Forward

Experienced Relationship Counselor

Jennifer Wright, LMFT-S

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Some of the concerns I work with include relationships, family conflict (including adult families), dissociation, trauma, painful pasts, military family resiliency, emotional disturbance, highly sensitive persons, and identity affirmation.


Sometimes I hear that people have tried counseling before with limited or even disappointing results.  If that has been your experience, I am honored to see you are open to giving it another try.  Let's talk about it and find a winning formula this time.  It's a privilege to walk beside you, supporting and witnessing your healing transformation.  It is always on my mind, that this is a service meant for you to get what you need towards reaching your goals.


My training is multifaceted and allows for flexibility in our approach to meeting your goals.  Clients that work with me often report feeling calmer / more at peace at the end of their session and feel more in control.  I often celebrate with clients moments where they are able to experience new successes between sessions.  Let's help you feel that way too!


I want to help you understand yourself, how you relate to others, and have choice over how you react or respond to situations and others.  Together we will work to achieve your goals and move on with the tools, coping skills, techniques, and insights you need to live your most vital life.

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